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    Bring hyper-learning to your life and business.

    My name is Tom Chi and I'm passionate about teaching you the prototyping techniques we used to build Google Glass, Self-Driving Cars, Microsoft Outlook, and Yahoo Answers. Over the past 5 years, I've focused on teaching these techniques around the world in short workshops and seen it deeply transform individuals and teams. The ones that make it part of their practice have sped up key parts of their business by 10x or more.


    After teaching hundreds of entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and teams, I'm working now to make this material more widely available (thanks, internet), affordable (< my $40K/day corporate rate!), and intensive (6 weeks instead of 1 day) for the first time. If you're working toward building a more prosperous and connected world, and you'd be interested in unlocking radically new ways to solve your toughest problems in life in business, it'd be my honor to help make that a reality.


    (Estimated 1-3 hr commitment / week) x 6 weeks

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    Mind-Opening  Lectures

    15-40min / week - view at your pace

    Each lecture has been designed to get to the heart of what most holds leaders & entrepreneurs back and offers practical approaches to radically speed up progress in life and business. The content has been developed from over 15 years of experience in rapid prototyping productivity techniques, and effectively teaching thousands of entrepreneurs, executives, and teams.

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    Actual Useful Assignments

    15-60min / week - designed to speed up the week's work

    No one likes busy-work so these assignments are meant to help you get down to business by offering actionable techniques and frameworks that directly address your toughest challenges. The ultimate goal of these exercises is to guide you toward speeding up the rate of learning in your organization by 10x-100x.

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    Mastering Your 

    Inner Game.

    week 4 & 6

    In my years of teaching these techniques, I've found that once the techniques are understood, the greatest barriers often come from the inside. Whether it be developing as a leader, working with organizational politics, understanding how to empathize with your customer, or knowing when to push hard and when to let go, this course aims to have you meet each situation with heart.

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    Small Pair Calls

    30-60min / week - scheduled at your convenience

    As the course progresses, you will be paired with a peer who has been prototyping in a similar area to learn from your collective experiences of applying the week's lessons to your work. It's a chance to exchange ideas with amazing peers as well as nominate questions and share-outs for the weekly group call. Over the years, I have found these interactions often form valuable personal and professional connections.

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    Weekly Q+A with Tom Chi

    weekly questions answered + periodic open office

    Each week, I will field top questions submitted to our group page and asked during a live call. The answers will be archived and available to the course at large. This allows each question and story to accelerate the learning of the whole group, and allows a many askers to get 1:1 debugging. In addition, during catch-up weeks, I will host a live office hours for folks to offer more detailed questions/discussions.

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    Progress with Purpose

    In each one of you

    Ultimately, we are a group of individuals pursuing our own growth to expand the prosperity of our communities and our world. This underlying intention makes possible a spirit of openness, mutual support, and compassion while still being focused on effectiveness, business results, and professional development. Such opportunities are rare, and it's an honor for me to help create an environment like this with you.

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    Schedule and Syllabus

    Estimated 1-3 hr time commitment / week


    WEEK 1

    • Introduction (How 100x is Possible)
    • Conjectures & Actuals
    • Your Learning Loop

    WEEK 2

    • Rapid Prototyping Deep Dive
    • Interactive Prototyping
    • Conversational Prototyping
    • Physical Prototyping

    WEEK 3

    • Closing the learning loop
    • Getting to your customer
    • How to run a great test
    • Evaluation and when to stop

    WEEK 4 (inner game)

    • Making problems prototype-able
    • Integrating practice in your life
    • Atoms vs Neurons

    WEEK 5

    • Sales is Service
    • Conducting a great sales meeting
    • 3 Layers of Reality

    WEEK 6 (inner game)

    • Leading Organizational Change
    • Commitment vs Attachment
    • Moving Toward Purpose 

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  • Testimonials

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    Jeremy B.

    Serial Entrepreneur, MightyHive, RetailZipline

    "Tom Chi's approach to solving problems using prototyping has allowed me to launch two successful companies with great customer adoption in the last three years. It's an incredibly effective approach that saves countless hours of wasted effort, and I recommend it to anyone who is trying to dramatically improve something in their life."

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    Lara J.

    Founder, RE:3D Gigabot

    "Tom is a true believer in bootstrapping and rapid product development -- he informed a lot of our thinking about it. He encouraged us to take a step back and look at creative ways to run our business and remain independent."

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    Mike D.

    Serial & Social Entrepreneur, SOMA water

    "Tom helped Soma develop working prototypes of our new technology that somehow fit our tight deadline. More importantly, he taught us a technique to ensure we were developing the correct technology. He introduced us to Home Team / Away Team, a rapid prototyping technique he developed. In his TEDxKyoto talk, Tom shows how it can be used not only to help businesses, but also to address social issues."

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    Nadya D.

    Design Leader, Google, AirBnB

    "Tom is outstanding for his vision, focus on rapid prototyping and ability to pass his wisdom to others. I was honored to see him in action in building the UX team at Google [x]: he built a prototyping culture into all teams and projects of that unique environment. If you have not yet had a chance to hear him teach, you are in for a treat."

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    Daniel E.

    Founder & CEO, Unreasonable Group

    "Tom may very well be the most intelligent and kind-hearted person I have ever met. I've had the privilege of working with him for 4 years and even to this day, I'm constantly in awe of his brilliance and the effectiveness of his approach to life and business. I've seen him apply his techniques to prototyping and problem solving with hundreds of entrepreneurs and time and time again, he is able to help them see their businesses in a radically new and more impactful light. If you are looking to learn from a true genius, who just so happens to have a heart of gold, there is no one I could recommend more sincerely than Tom."

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    Catlin P.

    Founder & CEO, One Earth Designs

    "Every conversation with Tom is an inspiration. His prototyping methodologies have enabled us to reach customers in more than 60 countries by giving us practical tools for adapting both our products and business models to local customer needs in real time. His techniques are also just plain fun. Using them in our daily work has brought our team closer together and created critical common vocabulary between our product and marketing teams. Tom is brilliant, visionary, and an incredibly human being."